Galilean restaurant

A Galilean chef restaurant specializing in Blue Label aged Angus meats. Collaboration between the chef and the beef breeder: the famous morning - Fadi Dabach; Chef Yosef (Zuzu) Hana and Chef Bassel Marissa.

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spectacular view

The new Peigam restaurant draws its inspiration from the surrounding land and the rich culinary history of the area. The kitchen, led by chef Dan Zoaretz, is based on local ingredients such as fish and seafood from the Carmel coast, seasonal collections from the mountain and work with regional growers. The dishes feature unconventional Middle Eastern flavors served in a historic stone house renovated and furnished with loving hands. With a carefully crafted local wine menu and a rustic and relaxed atmosphere suitable for both a meticulous meal and a snack and drink for the beginning or end of the evening

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Bistro Bar-yam

dining bar

wine bar

brunch menu

Bistro Bar Yam is a food bar located on Hanamal Street in Haifa, which combines meticulous food, fine wine and happy alcohol, the menu of chef Lior Brali is based on fresh and local food

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Kitron Winery

Tours and tastings

Light refreshments and cheeses


Our winery is situated in a picturesque hilltop village, located in the heart of the Jezreel valley,and at the feet of the ancient wine area.Our unique winery is breathtakingly elegant,as well as welcoming in a warm, personal ,deep rooted full hearted manner. New and old entwine here in harmony,  peaking in both the wine arena as well as in the hospitality  world. The kitron winery is a family winery, one of its kind  in Israel, and one of  few in the world,built in the gravitation system - a unique system which uses the power of nature to produce a precise quality wine. Each tour is a fascinating journey which includes:  the stories about the area,the family vision,the vines and the philosophy of wine production,as well as professional wine tasting,and enrichment for all wine lovers.

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Nachmani Winery

Boutique winery

Winner of international awards

Nachmani Winery is a family winery that was founded in 2003 and started as a home winery and became an established winery in Kibbutz Mehravia. We produce about 7,000 bottles a year alone, with each of them meticulously handcrafted and lovingly made. Like our bottles - so is the hospitality at our winery, done meticulously down to the smallest details and with great passion for the world of hospitality. We will be happy to host you at the winery and tell you our story, sip by sip. Looking forward to meeting you, the Nachmani family

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8, HaYogev Winery

Boutique winery

Cheeses and tapas

From the field to the plate

A boutique winery in Moshav HaYogev in the Jezreel valley. Besides the winery and our magical visitor center, the family farm has an organic olive grove, natural honey beehives and of course a young and fresh grape vineyard which we take care of with a lot of love and warmth because we believe that good wine starts with good grapes. You are welcome to visit us, fall in love with wine, breathe nature, enjoy our tours and relax.

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