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Joya Petach Tikva

Italian Restaurant

The Italian joy of life, which is the hallmark of the land of the boot, is what you will find in a big way at the Joya restaurant in Petach Tikva. The stylish place is characterized by soft lighting and a warm and family atmosphere, yet elegant and meticulous, and backed by professional and welcoming service. As in all Joya chain branches, the Joya Petach Tikva branch also offers an Italian chef's restaurant menu, headed by chef Benny Ashkenazi, which combines a wide variety of favorite flavors from the popular cuisine of the land of the boot.

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Baker Saloon


Handmade cocktails

rain outside You are looking for a place to hide and drink some quality drink and you arrive by complete accident in a dim alley to a London bar with an antique touch and meticulous design. The bartenders smile at you. The music is excellent, cool atmosphere. You order a cocktail and it is exactly what you dreamed of. Throws you on vacation on some island and its depth brings you back to London. to obscurity to the beat to people The food is heavenly. One you have never tasted in your life. Fine raw materials. Exploding flavors. Complex dishes alongside simple dishes that are well made. A huge tabon. liver. Boiling - brings out fragrant pizzas and pastries. You have come to the right place. You are with the right people. In the right place. And good for you. This is how we imagined it (minus the rain). Our new bar. that brings London here. which offers a new entertainment culture that was so lacking. something unique. Other. Precise. and well made. A new brother for Dreamery. cooler Other. kicking insolent. Dark. and perfect. Join us for a movie night. Drinks full of style. good food. atmosphere and people

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Cocktail Bar

Happy hour


Kululu is a Hebrew cheer that expresses bursting joy, exactly what we feel when we put a cocktail in our hand. From this thought we created "Kolulu" - a cocktail bar that brings with it a free and liberated experience in the jungle of PT with a variety of creative cocktails that we concoct in our cocktail laboratory alongside an extraordinary food menu that completes the entertainment experience and turns it into an exciting shout. Kololo!

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Oscar Wilde Petah Tikva

Happy hour


Irish pub

Oscar Wilde is an Irish pub, made of 140 types of whiskey, more than 60 beers from the bottle, 25 types of beers from the keg that are poured directly from a gold-plated tap and a selection of fine cognacs. The flavors of the Irish pub include a wide range of dishes such as real Irish sausages, fish and chips in beer dough. The pub experience is complemented by happy Irish music, live performances and classic rock from the 80's.

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