Kalma offers a quiet and relaxing getaway on the beach, a refreshing and summery menu with Mediterranean aromas. The menu offers meat dishes, fish, pastas, breakfasts, healthy dishes and wonderful desserts. There is also a varied vegan menu and a particularly worthwhile business menu. on the sea, air conditioning.

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Greek Salon Ashdod



In an exclusive location at the West Hotel, on the "Sea" beach, the restaurant offers a luxurious meat experience with a special menu, which also includes options for sharing where you can taste everything from everything - mazats, first courses, fine meat and more. Along with all of these, a professional wine and cocktail menu will accompany the meal.

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The Reef

Strictly Kosher

Dairy & Fish

Beach Restaurant

Strictly kosher dairy and fish beach restaurant, top quality raw materials, and crazy atmosphere. On the menu you will find: pizzas, pastas, salads, ravioli, gnocchi and many other crazy dishes and of course perfect cocktails that combine the flavors of food and alcohol.

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Lorence Bar

Looking to experience the nightlife in Ashdod, Israel? You came to the right place. You can come with friends, with your date or even alone. Whatever you will feel HOME!

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AV room

Wine Bar

A wine bar and champagne room on the beach of Ashdod. There you will also find a perfect rooftop. The place distills to the plate the best raw materials straight from the sea, the finest alcohol and wines, the craziest service, and the most magical atmosphere, all this of course alongside the sea view and the harbor lights

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Limoncello beach


Limoncello is a kosher restaurant bar on the beach. The menu has a variety of dishes in the concept of meat and fish and of course perfect cocktails. Limoncello raw materials are at the highest level to ensure perfect flavors whether it is in food or in drinks. The meat is kosher by Beit Yosef.

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