Benny the Fisherman - Hadera



Hadai Fisherman's Hadera is a fish and meat restaurant in Kfar Hayam. In one of the most beautiful spots in the country with a breathtaking view inside the Kfar Hayam complex is the Bnei HaDaig restaurant. The place is famous for the highest quality fish and meats accompanied by fresh and fresh salads in abundance that fill up freely. Our menu includes a selection of entrees, fish mains, grilled meats as well as an alcohol menu. The place is perfect for private events and business events.

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Wine Bar

Wine Bar

A small and special wine bar, located in an artists' building in Karkur, focused on quality local produce. We offer excellent wine, light dishes and other quality drinks. Everything that we serve has a story, from the boutique wineries to the local distilleries, dairies, breads and lots of other raw materials that together make up a unique experience in an intimate atmosphere.

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Limani Bistro



Sea food

The charm of the Limani Bistro restaurant can be felt already at the entrance to the port of Caesarea. Limani Restaurant, a “port” in Greek, is located at the foot of a 2000-year-old Crusader fortress, overlooking a spectacular view and surrounded by the sea. These are accompanied by a fine menu, a playlist chosen with much attention and adapted to the character of the place, courteous and meticulous service and a family atmosphere. The restaurant's menu includes classic bistro dishes originating from the Mediterranean basin: fish and seafood dishes, dishes with a Greek, French, Italian and Spanish flavor, and of course Israeli. The dishes are made from fresh ingredients, lots of attention and love.

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