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Bistro Bar Yam is a food bar located on Hanamal Street in Haifa, which combines meticulous food, fine wine and happy alcohol, the menu of chef Lior Brali is based on fresh and local food

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Lux Restaurant is the combination of local, seasonal and personal food by Chef Alaa Musa for a casual entertainment at eye level. The motto of the new Lux restaurant is that even excellent food can be eaten in a happy and pleasant atmosphere. Chef Alaa Musa is known to culinary enthusiasts from his work at the Almarsa restaurant in Acre. Alaa, who began his career in Dan Gourmet and worked in a number of Tel Aviv restaurants and from there continued to Sweden where he worked in Michelin-starred restaurants such as La Rose and F12 from which he returned to his hometown of Acre.

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The new Peigam restaurant draws its inspiration from the surrounding land and the rich culinary history of the area. The kitchen, led by chef Dan Zoaretz, is based on local ingredients such as fish and seafood from the Carmel coast, seasonal collections from the mountain and work with regional growers. The dishes feature unconventional Middle Eastern flavors served in a historic stone house renovated and furnished with loving hands. With a carefully crafted local wine menu and a rustic and relaxed atmosphere suitable for both a meticulous meal and a snack and drink for the beginning or end of the evening

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Beach Club Haifa



The Beach Club restaurant is with no doubt the new culinary gospel that has captured the hearts of the residents of the north, it is a restaurant located south of the Dado Beach promenade and designed with an open kitchen on one side and a direct view of the nearby beach. The Greek design of the restaurant instantly makes you feel like you are on the coast of Greece and the young atmosphere makes the place a culinary gem that is hard to ignore. The highlight of the restaurant is an open kitchen where the dishes are cooked in front of the diners' eyes, which provides full transparency and confidence in the quality of the raw products and dishes served in the restaurant, next to an oven located in the center of the kitchen. The restaurant offers a rich menu of meticulous starters and main courses at the highest level and with the colors, smells and flavors that you will fall in love with from the first second.

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