Taiyo Fish Chef



Sit right on the sea and eat gourmet. There is no other place like it. This gem, hidden really close, on the southern coastal strip of Bat Yam, five minutes from the city. The sea and the waves expand the breath, creating an extraordinary atmosphere in "Theo, Fish Chef". "Thaio, Fish Chef" has recently undergone a facelift and our new menu consists of very creative and meticulous dishes, giving our guests a culinary experience combined with the special atmosphere created by staying near the seafront. Fish Chef is the best description for "Theo". Our specialty is in fish and we treat the first course with the same respect, and recently… We take care of the quality and freshness of the ingredients. We will be happy to host you at "Thayo" in our special atmosphere, for breakfast, business lunch or dinner. Parking is free.

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Villa Mare Bat Yam



The design of the place is intimate, warm and inviting with furniture that combines retro and modern classics against the background of the relaxing view of the Mediterranean Sea. We make sure to renew ourselves and strive as high as possible in order to provide you with an experience no less than perfect. We will present you a menu with a wide variety of seafood and fish straight from our fisherman father, you will find exciting additions and surprising combinations of southern Italy and France at Villa Mare along with classic dishes from our chef's childhood and all combined with a world-wide alcoholic bar that will make your visit to the restaurant enjoyable and unforgettable.

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Spectacular View


Bar-restaurant that combines sea, entertainment and food. At "Thelasa" we offer a fun place to sit right on the beach, with a spectacular and relaxing view and skilled staff that will do everything to provide you with uncompromising pleasure, so that you can relax under the blue sky in front of the waves and sunsets (if you arrive at the right time), in comfortable chairs, with a glass of drink and gourmet dishes, for quality time no less than perfect.

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River Holon




River Holon in the new Azrieli Center offers a wide range of seating styles according to the customer's preference, outside / inside. The branch is decorated in a contemporary style in a fusion atmosphere and combines inspiration from the Far East

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OSCAR Bistro & Bar

Bistro bar


Oscar Wilde's Bar is a gem worth lingering over, and not just because of the design: with over 140 types of whiskey, more than 60 beers from the bottle, 25 types of beers on tap poured straight from a gold-plated faucet and a selection of fine cognacs. The flavors of the Irish pub include a wide range of dishes such as real Irish sausages, fish and chips in beer dough and for dessert a chocolate whiskey biscuit and a maddening sensation

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Kansai - Holon



Kansai Sushi Bar and its chef Tal Elmaleh created a modern Japanese menu that combines innovative techniques and an original combination of flavors while paying attention to fresh ingredients.

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Tzipi Primo


Street Food

A new and lively hot spot in Holon! We are waiting for you at peres park for a lot of fun, music and wild atmosphere

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Saida BaAgam



Middle Eastren

Hello, we are Saida on the Lake and we are a spacious bar that brings together a varied and delicious food menu with precise alcohol and a lively night life on the lake shore. The dining room contains a large outdoor area that is open mainly in the summer months and contains a wooden bar with swings and seating areas adjacent to a beautiful lake, an indoor area that contains a large bar, a DJ stand, a private event space, a projector, outdoor seating and indoor seating - in short, one bar, with lots of styles and options Seated for any meeting, event or even a date. We will always be happy to offer a special hospitality experience to our customers with a huge alcohol menu with a variety of beers, cocktails, wines and many other special drinks. As much as the dining is a bar, the theme did not overlook our fine dining menu which combines modern, Italian and oriental food with personal dishes and dishes that can be shared. The atmosphere with us is very family and happy, with friendly service and very eye level. In addition to this, the restaurant emphasizes the music and makes sure to host live performances and a selection of DJs on special occasions, at private events and every weekend on a regular basis. The restaurant is located in the heart of Peres Park in Holon and is open to entertain customers, seven days a week.

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Little Prague Bat Yam

Beer house

Bar restaurant

European food

The "Little Prague" pub in Bat Yam is a younger brother to the old branch in Tel Aviv. The place faithfully continues the tradition of "Little Prague". The menu also includes a large selection of authentic Czech dishes, completely faithful to the original in terms of ingredients and preparation. Customers can enjoy a selection of 14 types of draft beer - quality beers from the Czech Republic and across Europe. Also in terms of atmosphere and design, the Bat Yam branch retains the same special character as "Little Prague" on the shaded sun terrace, which overlooks the sea. It is recommended to sip a cold beer. Along with the wonderful smells that emanate from the kitchen and the intimate atmosphere "Little Prague" is the perfect place for a hearty business lunch, a romantic evening out with your partner, or a meeting of friends at the bar…

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