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A music festival at the Amphora Winery on Passover

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We in Amphorae Winery, would like to invite you to an exceptional hosting experience in our magical garden, surrounded by a painting-like landscapes. Once you park your car in Makura's olive press' you'll walk through Bustan Thom on a beautiful stone road amongst olive trees and vines, until a unique stone building reveals itself from between the branches. The winery is located in the organic Makura Ranch, near Kerem Maharal and in the heart of a natural, green and abundant like no other. The tastings are being held by our wonderful staff of wine lovers and enthusiasts that know all of our behind-the-wines stories, and would love to discuss every taste. On weekends we are usually fully booked so a reservation is highly recommended. For further information you can contact us in the winery.

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Kadma Winery - book wine tour & tasting/picnic basket


Kedma Winery is the only winery in the country that uses huge pottery jars as part of the wine production process. The winery combines ancient technologies with up-to-date knowledge, and renews winemaking technologies that were common in the Land of Israel in ancient times. The winery is located in the village of Uriah, halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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Shorer winery

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Shorer Winery is located on a family farm in Moshav Talmei Yechiel, which has been farming for over 40 years. The winery produces a variety of wines while adhering to principles such as regionalism, promiscuity, simplicity and sustainable agriculture. The quality wine grapes arrive at the winery immediately after being harvested directly from our vineyards all located in Moshav. The visitor center offers tours of the vineyards and winery, receiving an explanation of the grape growing and wine production process, local cheese platters and of course tastings of our wines. A small event or team meeting of a company or organization may also take place at the space.

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Agur Winery


A local regional winery in the heart of the Ella Valley. Agur is a winery with an opinion and we refuse to go with closed eyes after changing fashions. This choice seems to be appreciated by wine lovers and we intend to persevere in it. I am fascinated by the process of merging and grooming between the different barrels, varieties and smoothies. It is a great privilege to be acquainted with a new wonder created in the palate after tasting dozens of barrels, and the ability to get excited over and over again gives us the strength to bring this discovery to more wine lovers. More. Each of our wines consists of a mixture of a unique and one-time screen, and is a story in itself. It all starts, of course, with the finest grapes grown in our area.

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Emek ha-Ela Wineries

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Picnic baskets

We invite you to attend wine workshops, enjoy a thrilling experience of experiential explanations of the Ella Valley region, our vineyards, how to prepare the wine and the uniqueness of the winery. In the workshop you will learn how to taste wine, basic terms in the wine world, wine production process and more. Our doors are open for couples, as well as small or large groups. The visits to the winery are suitable both for private individuals who wish to get to know the world of wine, and for organized groups who are looking for a unique and multi-sensory experience. The workshops are conducted in Hebrew, Russian and English.

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Ulu Winery

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Ulu Winery is a local boutique winery, which produces its wines from the vineyards of the region, using production methods that rely on the renewed Israeli wine culture, alongside old traditions from the wine regions of the world: France, Italy and Spain. You are invited to enjoy a unique experience, with a breathtaking view, sipping quality wine in the clear air, with music and a unique and magical atmosphere. 2021 Vintage Wines, the winery's first vintage, will be ready for drinking soon!

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